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About US

About us


We believe that in order to be effective, a security system has to be totally integrated & accountable. We therefore lay great emphasis on Stringent, Recruitment, Good Training & Round the Clock Supervision.


Our Highlights:--

Rounds of Inspection:-- We place great emphasis on strict & frequent inspection. These are carried out at pre-determined frequencies at irregular intervals by a team of mobile supervisors. Each round of inspection is monitored recorded and corrective action for deficiency if any, in performance ensured.

Provision of additional force:-- We also keep a reserve force and can provide additional force at a short notice in the time of emergencies in addition ceremonial guard are also provided for special occasions like Conferences, Meetings, Marriage & Parties etc .

Area of Operation:-- We have a good presence in Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh with our branch offices/Field staff in different locations spread over and covering almost the entire area.

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